Process We Follow For A


Site Visit/Survey & Measurement

Site visits allow us to take in the space and ideate better. It enables us to understand every nook and corner. Our technical team is hands-on with the process as they photograph the space and conduct a detailed inspection.


We conduct client meetings where ideas are discussed and respective research is conducted so that our ideas are in line with the clients’ It also helps us understand the kind of approach we should take. The brainstorming session gives us clarity on which aesthetic the client is inclined to more which eases the process of fabric and style selection.

2D Render & Client Approval

Upon selection of fabrics and design style, our team puts together a 2D render of the model home. This gives a clear idea of what the space would look like once all the work has been done. Along with it we give a detailed finance report which states the costs. Upon final approval from the client, our team starts off with the production phase.

Production Process

Kapaas Furnishings

Every piece of upholstery, whether it is plain or embroidered is handcrafted by our talented team of 120 karigars who are highly skilled in hand and machine embroidery. They create keeping in mind the details that add to the entire look. Each product is checked by them for defects and final touches and is then sent to our technical team who move ahead with the installation process.

Installation & Handover

Our technical team along with our ever-present design team make sure the installation goes smoothly and that the space looks perfect, just like the client has envisioned.